Door and Window Screens Can Allow You to Enjoy the Outdoors Without Suffering Through Allergy Symptoms

Door and Window Screens Can Allow You to Enjoy the Outdoors Without Suffering Through Allergy Symptoms

It’s allergy season, and millions of allergy sufferers nationwide are stuck inside.

When allergies and respiratory symptoms are widespread, the great outdoors can seem farther away than the other side of the window. That doesn’t have to be the case, though.

People keep their windows and doors shut to keep allergens outside and “clean” air inside. The goal is to prevent allergens from making life miserable on both sides of the door. However, with the right preventative measures, you can leave your windows open without fear of allergies. That’s right: you can enjoy the outdoors from safely inside.

How? With quality door and window screens. The right screen can help dramatically cut down the number of allergens that enter your home. That will let you keep your windows open wide without inviting unwanted allergy symptoms. A good screen can help prevent a variety of allergens out of your home.


The biggest allergy trigger for many is pollen. This irritating substance is produced by trees, grasses, flowers, and every other plant outside. The pollen from one species or another is continually floating in the outdoor air during a warmer month, but peaks in spring and fall.

This is especially irritating to people with allergies because spring and fall have some of the best weather for opening windows. It’s not too hot and not too cold. Plus, the specter of winter is one everyone’s mind, reminding them to take advantage of the beautiful temperatures.

Using window screens helps you to do just that. Properly installed window screens with a fine mesh can help keep pollen outside. The warm breezes can move through the mesh, while the pollen is caught and excluded. Door screens can work the same way, and allow for even more airflow.


Dust is another significant outdoor allergen. Whether it’s dirt kicked up by the wind, bits of leaves, or just general gunk, dust causes lots of problems. Itchy eyes, runny noses, and coughing can all result from too much dust.

Outdoor dust also leads to big indoor problems. Most indoor dust allergies are actually allergies to dust mites, tiny bugs that eat dust particles. It’s impossible to eliminate 100 percent of the dust mites, but you can cut off their food source. Keeping your house clean and dust-free will help relieve dust mite allergies. Blocking new dust from entering your home is an essential part of that effort.

Window and door screens can help here, too. The same way a window screen can catch pollen, it can catch dust. Even better, dust usually has a faint static electric charge. That means that it is often attracted to the materials in window screens, like steel and nylon. This static electric attraction helps clean the air passively and keeps your home allergen-free.


Mold is another problem that can come in through your windows. It’s hard for mold to grow outside since animals and the elements are constantly damaging it. Inside, however, mold can proliferate. All it takes is a damp spot and something to eat, and you suddenly have a mold problem.

Mold can also lead to children developing allergies in the first place. Black mold is especially bad for kids. Keeping mold spores and food outside of your home can save your children from years of health problems.

When properly installed, window screens can help with this. A window screen provides another barrier between the outdoors and your home. Window wells and frames are a serious risk for mold. You can prevent mold from growing in the first place by properly installing your screen and cleaning it regularly. It keeps the rain and the mold spores from getting into your window frames from the start.


One final primary cause of allergies would be insects. Many people are allergic to insects in the same way people are allergic to cats or dogs. Insect droppings, old skins, and even dead insect pieces can cause allergy symptoms for many. By keeping insects out of your home, you keep out insect allergies, too.

Window screens are perhaps best known for this. A bug simply can’t get through the screen. That leaves you safe from any insect-based allergy while still getting to enjoy the outdoors.

Window screens are your best defense against outdoor allergens. You can’t go outside without running into pollen, insects, mold, and more, but that doesn’t mean that you’re limited to a life inside. Installing window screens throughout your home can help bring the best parts of the outside world to you. You get all the benefits of pleasant breezes and warm temperatures without the allergens.

You can find a screen to keep out just about every type of allergen. If you want to enjoy spring, summer, and fall to the fullest, window and door screens will help. It’s just common sense. With a good screen, your home will sift out allergens and keep you safe, without using any electricity or moving parts. That saves you money while making your life better. It’s a good choice, no matter how you look at it.

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