Phifer Inc. Screen Mesh

Standard Fiberglass

Phifer offers a complete selection of fiberglass insect screening. BetterVue and UltraVue are Phifer’s new iVis (improved visibility insect screening) products that allow you to “see the view, not the screen.” Phiferglass, Phifer’s trademarked fiberglass screening, has been the standard in the industry for decades. All three products are woven from permanent glass yarn, which has been coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, color and flexibility and will not rust, corrode or stain. They are produced under the most exacting conditions to meet rigid specifications and have all passed 1200 hours of QUV accelerated weathering. BetterVue and UltraVue are GREENGUARD® indoor air quality certified.


BetterVue® insect screening with Phifer’s new Water Shed Technology™ coating repels water, prevents dirt and debris from staying on the screen and remains cleaner longer. It is suitable for all window and patio screen door applications.
– Durable, hydrophobic coating will not wash off
– Sheds water and debris during rain storm
– Increases life expectancy of the screening
– Greater openness for better airflow, more natural light and fresh breezes
– GREENGUARD certified



There’s nothing like sleeping with your window open, then waking up to a great view. Luckily, with our UltraVue® screening, you can maintain an unobstructed view of your surroundings without worrying about bugs seeking refuge from the heat in your home. UltraVue’s nearly invisible screen mesh allows you to feel the breeze and absorb your view without swatting at pesky bugs.

Phifer’s new Water Shed Technology™ coating preserves your premium viewing experience by repelling water and carrying dirt and grime away with it. UltraVue is designed for superior openness to provide increased airflow.
– Durable, hydrophobic coating will not wash off
– Reduces the “window paning” effect during rainstorms
– Remains cleaner longer
– Offers more optical clarity for a crisper, brighter outward view
– Improves light transmittance in low-E glass windows
– GREENGUARD certified

UltraVue Nearly Invisible Screening Might Be Right For You If…

  • You have a view you’d like to keep bright, clear and the focus of your space.
  • You like to keep your windows open but want to be sure that insects aren’t sneaking through.
  • You enjoy increased airflow (feeling a breeze) throughout your space.
  • You care about products that are made in the USA.

Standard Aluminum Mesh Screen

For screening that covers all the bases, there’s no better choice than Phifer’s Standard Aluminum Mesh Screens. Both attractive, strong, and functional, our aluminum screening can be used for windows, doors, patio and pool enclosures. Choose from a number of different color options to keep the aesthetics of your home looking just as you want them to, meaning you won’t need to sacrifice looks for durability. Our aluminum mesh insect screening is strong enough to compete with severe weather, critters trying to get in, and pets trying to get out.

Standard Aluminum Insect Screening Might Be Right For You If…

  • You want to keep insects out of your home, porch or pool. Our screens keep the bugs out and the air flowing.
  • You’re sick of screening that sags. Even years after installation, our screening will be as tight as the day you installed it.
  • You want screening that’s easy to clean. It’s as simple as soap and water.
  • You care about products that are made in the USA.


Phifer SeeVue is woven from stainless steel, which not only improves visibility with its fine wire diameter, but also makes this product much stronger than standard insect screen. SeeVue is an improved visibility insect screen (iVis) designed to maximize an outward view, making it sharper and more brilliant. It allows superior airflow and meets the high standard of insect protection. SeeVue is suitable for fabrication in conventional screening applications such as windows, doors and porches and is safe to use with pressure-treated lumber.

SeeVue stainless steel insect screen has a black finish that offers excellent visibility and protects against harmful insects while allowing exceptional airflow.

  • Offers outstanding durability
  • Excellent for porch applications
  • Safe to use with pressure treated lumber
  • Ideal for Coastal Applications


PetScreen: Cat & Dog Proof Screening

Phifer PetScreen is pet-resistant screening built to be tear and puncture-resistant in order to prevent damage by dogs and cats, including clawing, chewing, and pushing. This pet-proof screening also protects against non-pets, including squirrels and raccoons who may also gnaw and scratch at screens. Ideal for use in high-traffic areas, PetScreen is highly durable but installs like regular insect screening, making it excellent for use in patio and porch enclosures as well as windows and doors. PetScreen provides excellent outward visibility and is not harmful to pets.