This website is dedicated to Joe Marks, one of the original founders of Shade Screen Solutions who passed away September 10th, 2020. He was a loving husband and father to Erin and Ethan Marks. It was Joe’s vision to bring replacement screens and shading products online. He was involved in the sales and manufacturing of these products for nearly a decade out in the Phoenix, Arizona market.

He is truly missed.




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Tony Black is one of three co-owners and highly regarded as a serial entrepreneur. Originally from Oklahoma, he's planted his roots in California after graduating college with a BA in Finance.

Tony enjoys the surf and snow out here in the West and is a happily married family man.

In 2013, Tony purchased a restaurant, re-branded it, and has since been named one of the top-ranked restaurants in the entire US, known as Barrique Venice. Alongside this entrepreneurial journey, he has work on other projects/businesses, including the development of an app, in which he has partnered with Kodak.

And now in 2019, Tony has set his sights on Shade Screen Solutions, originally founded by one of his college buddies, Joseph Marks. Joe initially reached out to Tony for some advice as a fellow business owner, and later a partnership was born. Mr. Marks has been in the screen window industry for over two decades.

Our primary advantage is that we're online-based and technologically driven to surgically trim overhead costs and pass those savings on to the consumer.

It was also fundamental for Shade Screen Solutions to be regarded as a highly credible vendor. So we partnered with the industry leader Phifer, a company that produces American-made screen meshes and related products.