What You Should Know Before Window Screen Replacement Projects

What You Should Know Before Window Screen Replacement Projects

This is the time of year that many homeowners will embark on repair and improvement projects. Some of these will focus on interior spaces in the home, while others are exterior projects. Window screen replacement efforts have an impact on both interior and exterior spaces. In some cases, these replacements are necessary because you may have either damaged or torn screens.

You may also have older products that are no longer visually appealing. Whatever the situation, it is possible to improve and transform these windows on your own with DIY approaches. This is one of the most popular ways to conduct these projects because of budget savings. Hiring repair companies may end up costing much more than you wanted. According to Statista, U.S. home improvement sales are expected to earn approximately $454.6B through the year 2023.

These sales include the purchase of products, tools, and supplies to complete projects, such as window screen replacements. Fortunately, for the average consumer, there are many home project supply stores to choose from. These locations are often staffed with workers familiar with these types of projects to point shoppers in the right direction. It’s easy to understand why iProperty Management reported that 48% of home improvements in 2018 and 2019 were repairs.

All it takes in most instances to successfully repair or replace things in your home is motivation and resources. Those who want to replace their window screens will discover a variety of products in these stores explicitly designed for this work. There are a variety of screens like aluminum, fiberglass, and polyester for these projects, as well. To maintain consistency and appeal, homeowners opt to install the same type of screens for their windows. Let’s take a look at some essential things to consider before you begin your project.

What Is Their Purpose?

Understanding the overall purpose of window screens is a great place to begin your project. Most people will say that these are important window features that prevent pests and insects from coming indoors. This is undoubtedly true but is not the only essential purpose that these screens provide for homeowners. Shade Screen Solutions wants to point out that we also offer solar protection in spring and summer.

Air filtration is another benefit that having the right window screens provides. It is possible to use these as an alternate way to cool individual rooms or the entire home. Windows can be opened to allow measured natural light and fresh air. It is crucial to find screens that not only fit your windows but enhance their design, as well. This makes the continued curb appeal easy to maintain for any style home.

Choose the Right Screen

It is a good idea to consider the size of your project before making these replacements. You may only need to replace three screens for your home. Others will decide to change all of their window screens. This makes a difference, in some cases, the type of screen that you will choose. Home Tips states that the two most popular of these are the aluminum and vinyl-coated fiberglass screens.

Of these two, homeowners often select the vinyl-coated fiberglass because it tends to be less expensive. Depending on where you shop for your materials, you may find that these are half the cost of aluminum window screens. Now you have to decide if the price is the most important feature or overall durability. Looking at the different screen types (individually) is the best way to determine which is best for you.

Fiberglass Screen Styles

Cost is not the only variable that makes fiberglass screens popular (3 to 1) to homeowners. These screen styles are also popular because of their durability. They do not stain, rust, or corrode, which makes replacement projects even more beneficial to the home. One drawback to this style of screen, however, is that it stretches and tears much more easily than aluminum styles.

Some shoppers will want these screens for traditional windows, as well as pool enclosures and patio spaces. It is possible to purchase these products in silver-gray shades and dark charcoal shades. This makes harmonizing exterior color schemes easy to do. The conventional mesh size for these screens is 18x16, but 20x20 can also be purchased for these projects.

Aluminum Screen Styles

As mentioned before, aluminum screens are typically more expensive to purchase for these replacements. This particular type of mesh is more rugged and durable than vinyl styles, but it does crease and dent. Manufacturers of these products intricately wind the wire used to make them on a master beam, which is then loaded onto a weaving loom.

There are three general colors for these screen styles that are available in most home stores. These are bright aluminum, charcoal, and black, which may accommodate a specific theme for these windows. Along with screen supplies, you will need tools, such as a tape measure, hacksaw, tension springs, and frame components, as well. Heavy-duty tape, scissors, and various other parts may be necessary, too.

Solar Screen Styles

Solar screen styles are available for windows and patio structures, as well. These screens are tightly woven and have energy savings benefits for homeowners. They work to block the sun by absorbing solar rays so that sitting near them is enjoyable. In general, you will give up 30% to 40% of natural light when these are used for windows. They do help reduce the need for air conditioning and can protect your furniture fabrics. You can find interior and exterior solar screen products for these projects.

There are a variety of ways to approach these projects for your home. Considering the number of windows that require new screens is essential. This work can be done incrementally over some time or even months. It is important, however, to acquire the supplies, tools, and screen materials necessary for these windows in advance. This ensures that the work can be completed when you are ready and that the appearance remains uniform.

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